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Welcome to Tech Crew!

Tech crew makes it all possible! If you love to paint, build, learn, and have fun...then tech crew is the place for you. We build the sets, set the lights, and run the shows for the theatre no matter the challenge, we get it done!

Worried about not having any experience?! No worries! We will teach you how to use hand tools, power tools, tech crew safety, light design, hanging set pieces, flying scenery in and out in a live show (CLEAR!), and everything else that takes place behind the curtains before, during, and after the show!

All students are welcome and encouraged to check us out! You will learn valuable skills that you can carry into your adult lives to make you more independent homeowners in the future or carry through towards a major in set design and professional stage crew opportunities! If you have any questions, contact Jeff Schmela (, Tim Lieb (, or Alex Wynne ( for more information!

Technical Theater will begin Tuesday, August 29th right after school! If you are interested in construction, set-design, painting, lighting, rigging, working with your hands, this is the place for you! Come to the back of the Auditorium into our shop at 2:45PM. All you need is curiosity, passion, and a safety contract (which you can get by clicking right HERE)

Tech hours will be Monday - Friday, 2:45PM to 5:00PM. Activity busses will be available at 4:30PM and 5:15PM for our students needing transportation home.

If you have any further questions, please contact Jeff Schmela (, Tim Lieb (, or Alex Wynne ( for more information!